Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Reading

Going back to school as been kind of rough with a full time job.  I should have listened and only taken one class, but I was strong willed and took 2.  After going crazy the last few weeks with final papers and the stress finally getting to me, I decided I needed some light reading.

I picked up a random Diana Palmer audiobook, it just happened to be the newest in her Long Tall Texans series.

I've read a good number of them and most in order too.  I checked the library's ebook list and noticed we have them and I figured why the hell not.  I'm giving myself a new summer reading challenge to finish reading the Long Tall Texans Series By Diana Palmer - FictFact

Challenge Page


  1. I enjoy light reading over the summer, but I always pick one "heavy" book to tackle too. This summer I think I'm going to finally read Wolf Hall.

  2. When I was a student (not working full-time at the same time though), I always read some light books at the beginning of the summer. My brain always needed a break!