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Forever YA - Black City by Elizabeth Richards

Black City (Black City, #1)Black City by Elizabeth  Richards
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

wow...that was some end to the book!

That was my review when I read this book back in December of 2012. I read the book in two days and just loved how it ended.

I recommended this book but sadly was not able to make the book club meeting. I was really looking forward to discussing the book but was hosting the Mercer County Girls Book Club that night.

A dark and tender post-apocalyptic love story set in the aftermath of a bloody war.

In a city where humans and Darklings are now separated by a high wall and tensions between the two races still simmer after a terrible war, sixteen-year-old Ash Fisher, a half-blood Darkling, and Natalie Buchanan, a human and the daughter of the Emissary, meet and do the unthinkable—they fall in love. Bonded by a mysterious connection that causes Ash’s long-dormant heart to beat, Ash and Natalie first deny and then struggle to fight their forbidden feelings for each other, knowing if they’re caught, they’ll be executed—but their feelings are too strong.

When Ash and Natalie then find themselves at the center of a deadly conspiracy that threatens to pull the humans and Darklings back into war, they must make hard choices that could result in both their deaths.

I liked the fact that Ash and Natalie were from two very different worlds. Not only economically but species (race?). With their different backgrounds it helped that the story moved between both of their points of view. Like my review above, that really added to the ending of the novel.

I'm going to say this might be a spoiler so be warned but the one thing I didn't like:

Natalie's heart was taken from a Darkling. Since the hearts are important to the bond between Darkling pairs is it really fair to the girl who originally had Natalie's heart?  We meet her in this book and I mean she would have been Ash's mate, had she still had the heart. Even with his feelings for Natalie, they can't deny the bond. Ash's own mother left her husband when she met her Darkling heart mate.

It didn't bother me enough not to keep reading the series. Things have gotten really interesting in Book 2 and I can't wait for Book 3!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Book Reviews: Under the Hood and Love for Beginners by Sally Clements

Under the Hood is the first book in Sally Clements Under the Hood series. Under the Hood is an auto body shop run by three friends, Alice, Melody, and Betty.  They have started their all-female shop for women, so they have a place to take their cars to be serviced with out being made to feel inferior to the men who dominate body shops.

Alice is up first in this quick, fun, and sweet novella. She meets her neighbor Mark and believes he needs her help in fixing his car. Mark knows cars, but likes the idea of being rescued and hides his knowledge from Alice. Mark has just about convinced Alice that she can fit a relationship into her busy schedule when his business threatens their budding romance.

Mark is a divorce attorney and he represented his Aunt in her divorce from the owner of the garage that Alice and her friend are renting.  The Aunt is not thrilled with this set up and is threatening actions that would close Under the Hood. Mark now has to figure out to diffuse this situation, tell Alice he knows about cars, and manage to keep a relationship going.

Business is picking up at Under the Hood and Alice has all the work she can manage.  That's why is horrible timing when on a hike with Mark she hurts her ankle. Good thing she comes from a family of mechanics.

Next up is Love for Beginners.

Since Alice is sidelined her brother Heath shows up to help.  He's the oldest of Alice's siblings and is expected to take over his father's shop back home.  While he doesn't mind working on cars Heath's passion is photography.  He's taking this trip to help his sister as a chance to make a big move in making his passion his profession.

Melody isn't thrilled by Heath's arrival but she isn't completely upset by it either.  She thinks this is the perfect opportunity to get some experience in the physical aspect of relationships. She'll show Heath some great nature spots for his photography in exchange for some 'right now' time with him.

Heath has a chance to shoot photographs for a friend who's writing a piece for National Geographic. He really wants this opportunity but he wasn't expecting to fall for Melody. Melody is trying to balance running the business, selling her home, and taking care of her mom.  A relationship just doesn't work, but in the future she wants a committed relationship with someone who sees eye to eye with her, it doesn't even have to be physical.

Both of these stories were sweet romances. I enjoyed the break from the typical romance novels I read which sometimes seem to be sex scenes every chapter. These focused on the building of relationships and the idea that love does have a place in our crazy busy lives.  I liked that Mark was the kind of character who was okay with a woman helping and didn't try to prove macho. I thought Heath was a perfect gentleman in pursuing Melody and she wasn't the stereotypical 'ice princess' sometimes portrayed in stories.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Fiction Fundamentals - Short Story #4

This assignment called for us to write in a point of view we hadn't used yet for class. I tend to be a third person point of view writer and my three previous short stories were written as such.  So for this assignment I went with first person.  I wanted to edit a story I had written during my under grad creative writing classes and wasn't completely satisfied with the outcome.  I took the story to our Monday night Writers' Group and was given a suggestion that I went with and really ended up loving.

I was asked to consider chopping the first two pages of the story. Below is the original story and I've marked where I started the story I ended up submitting for class. After I made the cut, I changed some aspects of the story, including adding in a small bit of dialogue inspired by another comment made at Writers' Group. (That Eddie's actions sound a little Dateline-ish).

I love winter; it’s my favorite season.  I love waking up to crisp morning air.  I love taking that first deep breath of cold air and the way it burns your lungs for a second.  I especially love winter mornings on a beach, watching the sunrise.  That’s where I’m at now, sitting on the beach waiting for my friends to join me for our annual ten days to Christmas day together. 
            I got here early, the sun isn’t scheduled to rise for another hour, but I wanted to be prepared for when the other girls get here.  I’ve been running through my announcement at least ten times in my head already but I’m still nervous.  I keep playing through it and I know what’s going to happen. I already know in what order the girls will show up. I know how conversations will flow and I know that they will be dying to know what happened when I was Las Vegas two weeks ago.  I want to put off telling them until after the sun rises.
            After the sun has risen we’ll make our way over to the diner and that’s when I’ll make my announcement.  We’ll be unwrapping ourselves from our hats, coats, scarves and gloves.  They will see the rings on my left ring finger and then I’ll tell them what happened in Vegas. Cara will be thrilled, Liz will say she’s happy but really she isn’t and Rachel will be happy, just plain and simple because I’m happy.
            So until the sun rises, here I sit freezing, in the dark on a blanket on the beach waiting for my friends and the sun.  I sit sipping my coffee and playing with the rings on my finger hidden by the glove on my hand.  I pull my jacket sleeve down over it hoping it’s not noticeable; I need to make my announcement at the diner and not out here on the beach.  It has to be just like I planned.
“Been here long?”  My thoughts interrupted; I look up to see Liz sitting down next to me.
“Not really only a few minutes.”
“Cara is right behind me, she is just running into the store to get her coffee.”
“Ladies.”  Cara flopped down onto the blanket.  “Rachel just called me she’s going to be a few minutes late.”
“Typical.” Liz blew into her coffee cup and looked out over the water.
“Be nice.” Cara snapped blowing into her own coffee.
            I said nothing just kept my eyes focused on the water.
“Gina you okay?”
“Yea,” I looked up at Cara.  “Why do you ask?”
“Well you’ve been acting kind of weird since you got back from Vegas.”
 “I can’t believe you went with Eddie.  You should have told him to find some chick in Vegas to take to the wedding.”  That would be why Liz won’t be happy with my announcement she doesn’t like Eddie.
“I knew the couple that was getting married, I wanted to be there.”
“Sorry I’m late.”  Rachel sat down taking up the last spot on the blanket so now all four of us are sitting in a row huddled close together.  “I hit the snooze button one too many times and had to rush to get here.”  She skims her menu and puts in down.  “So how was Vegas?”
“We were wondering the same thing.  She was gone a week with slime ball Eddie.  I’m sure there is a lot of stuff to talk about.”
Shit! They were supposed to wait until after the sun came up and we were nice and warm at the diner. Okay Gina just take a deep breath and tell them.
I smile and put my coffee cup down and pull off my glove.  I put my hand out so they can all see. “Eddie and I got married in Vegas.”
(This is the break.)
“Oh my god.” Cara whipped her head to the side and looked at me; her eyes could have drilled holes into my head.
“This is a joke right?” Rachel grabbed a hold of my hand to get a better look at the rings.
“No joke.  We got married.”
“Why?” I turn to look at Liz and she is looking at me intently.
“I love him.  I know you guys may not understand any of it, but know that I love him and I’ve always loved him.  I don’t think I ever stopped loving him.”
“How?”  Rachel drops my hand and I pull my glove back on.
“He had it all planned before we left.  He proposed the first night at dinner, and had the small chapel in our hotel all ready for the day after the wedding we were there for and he even had a few dresses lined up for me to pick from.”
“What about the rings?” Rachel leaned forward to see me better, no one was paying attention to the sun rising anymore all attention was on me.
“He’s been holding on to this engagement ring for three years and he bought the wedding bands about a month ago.”
“Gina, he’s only been home for a month.  He’s been planning this all for a month.  He just assumed you would take him back and marry him.  Did he not know you had been dating Kevin for a year now?”  Liz snapped.
“He knew about Kevin.  He admitted that when he moved back home he came back with the intent to break us up and marry me with in the year.”
“You said he’s had the ring for three years.”  Cara took a sip of coffee. “That was before you two broke up; you only broke up two years ago.” Her words slowed as the math she was doing made sense to her.  “Gina did he propose to you before he took that job in Boston?”
“No, I had just seen the ring one day when we were in New York shopping.”
“What about a big wedding like you always planned?”  Cara looked upset.
I shrugged. “It’s not about the wedding it’s about the guy and what you mean to each other and the life you’ll have together.”
“What makes Eddie the guy and not Kevin?”
“Eddie and I have more in common, we have a history and he knows me, I mean really knows me. Kevin really didn’t know me know me.  I mean he never cared to find out that I love lilies, he would just get me a random bouquet of flowers and he never asked me what my favorite restaurant was we just always went to that Italian restaurant because that’s where we had our first date.  Eddie knows I love lilies and he knows my favorite restaurant is that little French one up in Princeton.”
“Okay great, he knows what kind of flower to get you and where to take you to dinner but that’s not something to build a relationship off of.” Liz ever the voice of reason said something I had been thinking myself for the past two weeks.
“It’s not just that it’s the little things.  I didn’t realize this until last month when Eddie took me to dinner that night I had the big fight with Kevin.  We sat in the living room having one of those conversations that doesn’t make sense but says a lot about the person.”
“You mean like those what flavor of ice cream do you like more Cherry Garcia or Half Baked?”  Cara leaned back and looked out over the water.
“Yea, and I ended up falling asleep.  Well I woke up to find Eddie pulling the covers over me and kissing my forehead before leaving.  He put me to bed.”
“So?” Liz rolled her eyes.
“Kevin wouldn’t do something like that because he doesn’t know, Eddie knows.”
“Knows what?” Liz still wasn’t satisfied.
“Gina can’t sleep on a couch.”  Cara looked over at Liz.  “She hurt her back when we were younger and ever since if she falls asleep on a couch or something with out decent support her back goes out on her.”
“So Eddie knows stuff, does that negate what he did to you?”
“No, it doesn’t negate it, it doesn’t make up for it, but being in love with someone means you take the good with the bad.  It’s something we both have to live with because I’ll be honest it wasn’t all him.  I didn’t make it easy on him, I mean come on he was going off to law school and I was being childish.  We’ve changed and I think the changes in us make us stronger. I like who I am when I’m with Eddie, I’m myself and I don’t think I was that same person with Kevin.  I felt like I had to try to be someone when I was with him.”
“Try to be someone?” Liz looked confused.
“I was not being true to myself.  Maybe the reason Kevin never got to know the real me was because I was never the real me while I was around him.  I mean I could have spoken up and said hey I want to go to this place for dinner, but would he have taken me there? No, that wasn’t a place Kevin would have been comfortable in so he wouldn’t take me because of how he felt.  Just like I don’t think he ever would have taken me to a ballet or have those stupid conversations with me.  It wasn’t him and they are me.  Eddie may not get everything I like or say or do, but he goes along with it and accepts it. He would do it just because I asked.”
“Look I’m happy for you; as long as you’re happy I’m happy.”  Rachel looked at the water.  “We missed the sun rise.”
“I’m thrilled for you Gina, really I am, and I’m just in shock. You always wanted a big wedding. It’s something you’ve always planned and I just can’t believe you would run off to Vegas to get married.”  Cara put her head on my shoulder.
“I know, I wanted the big wedding but it just seemed perfect the way he had it all planned, I just wish you girls could have been there.”
“I happy for you Gina, but don’t think I’m going to make it easy on Eddie when I see him next.”
“I wouldn’t expect you too.”  I put my arm around Liz.
“This changes everything.”  Rachel snuggled in closer to Cara.
“Not everything, just some things.” I smiled and relaxed.
            We all sat silently looking at the sun that had risen.  We were in no hurry to get up and go to eat.  We were in no hurry to move from that spot.  We were content with sitting there together and watching the waves and the birds in the wind.  We were content to leave this moment exactly as it was, perfect.

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Tea & A Book - Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

Beautiful RuinsBeautiful Ruins by Jess Walter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I originally read this book back in December for the Winter Book Club. Since we were moving Tea & A Book from Tuesday afternoons to Saturday mornings. I wanted to pick a popular book that I knew a lot of people had read, so patrons would feel more comfortable stopping in (you know in case they wanted to join us!).

The switch didn't go smoothly. I thought I could get some computer updates done before our 11 am start time, but the last 3 computers were not updating nicely. Since just one person showed up, I apologized and asked if he wanted to stop back later and sit with me at the Ref Desk and discuss the book and he was okay with that (I love how flexible he is to changing book day/time).  At around 11:45 a woman came in and asked about the book club and we explained that we didn't really have it, but I could ask the other interested person and we could meet at 1. That worked for everyone and we held our meeting and had a really great discussion.

The biggest discussion was on the feeling of the "Hollywood Ending" for some of the characters in the book.

Here's my initial review of the book.

This was one of those books that the patrons of the library raved about, which meant that I pushed it to the bottom of my To Be Read list. I guess I’m a bit of a book snob, but the greater the reviews the longer it takes me to read a book (for the most part). I might not have read the book, if not for it being picked for the first book of the Winter Book Club.
I enjoyed the story and the characters immensely. The differing plot lines that all intertwined gave the novel a sort of soap opera feel, but it also added to the charm of the story. Seeing some of these characters at different points in their lives drives you forward to the point where the past and the present meet up. These characters are all flawed, but not one of them is flawed to the point of no redemption.
Well, except for Richard Burton, he was my favorite character. Dee Moray, has landed a small role in the movie Cleopatra, unfortunately things do not go well for her and she ends up in a little fishing village. There she meets Pasquale, the owner of the only hotel in the town. During her stay she reads a section of a book written by a World War II veteran. Dee ended up in the village because she believes she’s dying of stomach cancer. The man who sent her there is trying to hind the truth from her while he makes some plans. These events of 1962 are just pieces to a puzzle that does not get put together until decades later when Pasquale decides he needs to find Dee and solve the mystery of all those years ago.
There were some things I could have done without in this novel, like the vulgarities used by the Italian men in the fishing village. It took something away from the story (at least for me). I also felt that some of the intertwined stories could have been cut or downsized; I don’t think my understanding of the story would have changed with these sections missing. These few dislikes didn't take away from my overall enjoyment of the story.
I would highly suggest this book if you haven’t read it, I've picked it up as a Christmas gift for someone who I think would love it!
For June we are reading Palisades Park by Alan Brennert. I thought it would be a great start to summer in New Jersey!

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Book Club Catch Up! - April

I just haven't been motivated to write reviews. I wrote a really brief one for CNJ JASNA and feel kinda bad about it. Here's what I read and a brief review of the books.

First up Forever YA:

The Tyrant's DaughterThe Tyrant's Daughter by J.C. Carleson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I wasn't 100% sure about this book since I wasn't there when they picked the book. I have to say it was a great book, one that has the reader asking a lot of questions.  I liked that we got to see her life, it's a life that most of us question a person living. We ask "How does (the person) not know what's going on around them?". This book shows us that even though Laila's father was a tyrant, she was brought up with lies and to her they were the truth.  Until she comes to the U.S. she lives in a carefully constructed world.

While Laila is trying to fit in with a life that is so very foreign to her, her mother is trying desperately to find a way to fix their lives. For her, that's finding a way to go home. I didn't know what quite to make of Laila's mother and I think that's how we were supposed to feel about her. In one respect she's a mother in the other (she's something).

The end of the novel both delighted and frustrated me. I like when a book doesn't deliver a clear ending, and this one ends with you questioning - now what? It frustrated me because I really came to care about the characters and really want to know what happens to them.

I highly recommend reading this one!

For our Mercer County Girls:

The Fault in Our StarsThe Fault in Our Stars by John Green
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've talked about this book in 3 previous book discussions and it's one that I will always enjoy talking about. We're making plans to go see the movie.

For Tea & A Book we read: (I posted this in the last book club catch up but we discussed it in April so I kept it here with the other reads in April)

Suite FrancaiseSuite Francaise by Irène Némirovsky
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is in two parts with the author originally planning for the book to contain 5 parts.  I liked the first part but it took me some time to get into the style and flow of the way she wrote this section.  I loved the second part and was heart broken to reach the end and know that there was no more.  The book includes her notes and you can see where she was intending to direct the story in part 3 and I would have loved to have read it.  They are making a movie based on part 2 of this book and I can't wait to see it!

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Writing Exercise #8

Look in the mirror and describe what you see.

7 am – a blur of bed head as I shuffle past the mirror on my bedroom door
7:02 – more bed head, a little less blurry as I shuffle into the bathroom
7:20 – a mass of wet hair and freshly scrubbed face as I get out of the shower
7:22 – hair wrapped in a towel as product gets applied to reduce puffy eyes and diminish blemishes
7:30 – damp hair that is currently finger tussled with the application of anti-frizz product
8:00 – blown dried hair, curled, slight presence of frizz, damn humidity
8:02 – hair pulled back, face currently bring moisturized and tinted
8:05 – toothbrush sticking out of mouth, head moving side to side as I try to spot blemishes
8:07 – face slightly darker with foundation powder
8:09 – eyes lined, mascaraed lashes, brushed brows, lightly shadowed lids framed by glasses
8:13 – sheered lined lips, slightly colored in
8:15 – hair tussled into place, slightly more frizz then when it went up 15 minutes ago
8:30 – double check eyes in rearview mirror before sliding sunglasses on
8:55 – double check of lips in rearview mirror before getting out of the car at work, most if not all of lipstick is gone from drinking coffee during commute
9 to 5 – various checks during the day reveal, I’ve rubbed the makeup off one eye, never reapplied the lipstick and the liner has all but faded, hair is frizzed from weather and lost half its curl from repeated attacks by my hands throughout the day
5:31 – hair pulled up into quick bun
5:35 – makeup wiped from face

This is pretty much how a typical day goes, but this was exactly what happened Friday. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Fiction Fundamentals - Short Story #3

I revisited with the imagined life of my grandparents with this story.  Chronologically it takes place before my first short story for this class. I hope you enjoy it!

Sunday Gravy
            It was a simple meal, one Maria had been making since she was a child. She had started the gravy by browning any and all meat she found in the refrigerator. She would add it all to the gravy a little later including some leftover chicken from last night’s dinner.  She started her gravy with a few jars of tomatoes she had canned with Katie not that long ago. The grief she felt when she open the jars was overwhelming, she should be cooking this meal with her mother-in-law. 
After five years of making the Sunday gravy they had it down to an art form.  While one woman cleaned up from breakfast the other would brown the meat.  After finishing the dishes it was a trip down to the basement to get two jars of canned tomatoes and then out to the garden for fresh herbs. After browning there was another trip to the garden for the vegetables. Then the kitchen with the sounds of chopping. The first one done heated the oil in the pot and started sautéing the vegetables. Then in went the jars of canned tomatoes and herbs and on went the lid.  Then it simmered.
Maria’s gravy had been simmering all day.  Her meat had been added back into the pot and it was almost finished. Carlo was down in the basement getting the pasta they had made yesterday.  She would put the water up to boil once the rest of the family got to the house. Carlo walked into the kitchen carrying the pasta draped over his hand and arm. He carefully laid it out on the counter.
“I’m going to check on Santina.” He walked out of the kitchen.
Maria sighed, he had been checking on her every few minutes since she came home from the hospital.  She had a few injuries from the accident, nothing serious, but still he worried and continued to check on his daughter. She would start the salad while she waited for Carlo to come back in with a report on their napping child.  She had already picked the vegetables and they were still sitting in the basket by the back door. She had just finished washing them when Carlo came back into the room.
“She’s napping.”
“She’s been napping all afternoon.  The doctor said she needed the rest.” Maria turned and looked at her husband. He looked tired and worn out. He stood just inside the doorway, the look of a lost little boy in the eyes of a man who carried the weight of his world on his shoulders.
“Can you set the table?”
Without saying a word, Carlo went to the cabinets and removed the dishes, silverware, and cups. The only sounds in the kitchen were the faint click of the dishes, the chop of her knife and the hiss of the stove. Then the tapping started.
Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap
“If you don’t stop tapping that knife–” Maria could take the sound no longer. She turned and saw Carlo standing at the head of the table, knife in hand mindlessly tapping while he was lost in thought. As if he could feel her eyes on him he turned towards her.
“Stop taping the knife.”
“What knife?”
“The one in your hand.  The one you keep tapping.”
“Huh. I didn’t realize I was holding a knife. Why was I holding the knife?”
“You are supposed to be setting the table.”
Maria turned back to finish chopping the lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes for the salad.
Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap
“Carlo!” Maria spun around, her skirt and apron twirling at the force of her turn.
“What?” He looked startled at her outburst.
“The knife.” She pointed her own at him, using it to indicate the one he held.
“Huh?” He looked confused between the one she held and the one in his hand.
“The knife, drop it.”
He realized he must have been tapping it again and placed it next to the plate at the head of the table before sitting in the seat. “Sorry mi amore, I just–”
“Just, what?” Maria turned to finish her salad. When Carlo didn’t answer she turned back and took a step towards him.  The movement had him looking at her, again in confusion.
“You should try to rest.” Maria walked to the table, the bowl of salad in her hands.  She placed it in the center of the table before sitting down and placing her hands on top of her husband’s.
“Can’t rest. Do we know when everyone will get here?”
“Irma went to pick up the kids from your uncles, they should be here soon.”  
Carlo nodded and turned to stare out the window.  Maria got up and went to check her gravy.  She lifted the lid and dipped her wooden spoon in, she was just bringing it toward her lips when she heard.
Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap
“Carlo!” She kept her back turned and tasted the gravy. She added a bit of salt and stirred the pot.
“What do we do Mary?”
“What do you mean what do we do?” She put the lid back on the pot. She picked up the second pot and walked to the sink to fill it with water.
“What do we do with Roman, Torina, and Cecila?”
“We take care of them. This is their home, they belong here.”
“Are you sure?”
While the pot filled she turned to face her husband. He looked up at her. “Carlo they are your family, which makes them my family. Why would there be any question about what we would do?”
He nodded, and turned back to looking out the window. Once the pot was filled she turned off the faucet and before she could pick it up, Carlo was at her elbow. “I got it.” He carried the pot to the stove. “How do we afford it? Maybe Irma and Bart could take the girls?”
“No.” Maria moved to the long strands of pasta on the counter and started to cut it to length for spaghetti.
“Carlo this is our home now. Your parents left it to you, their eldest son. They left you the family home, why wouldn’t we keep your family here with us?”
“It is a lot to ask you to take on Mary. My siblings and our own children –“

“Are all my family. We’ll make it work Carlo.” They both turned at the sound of the front door. “Turn the water on. We’ll tell them once we sit down that they’ll be moving back home.”

Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Summary of Reading Challenges

Here's Where I Stand on the I Love the Library Challenge

Books Checked Out and Read:
  • Paris in Love by Eloisa James (BCD)
  • The King by J.R. Ward
  • Shadow Spell by Nora Roberts
  • Everything I need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book by Diane Muldrow
  • The History of diners in New Jersey by Michael C. Gabriele
  • A Call to Action by Jimmy Carter (BCD)
Books Checked Out and Currently Reading
  • Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman (BCD)
Books Checked Out and Not Read - Yet
  • The Public Library: A Photographic Essay by Robert Dawson
  • The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith
Books Checked Out but Didn't Read
  • Once Upon a Time by John Barth*
  • The End of the Road by John Barth*
  • My Age of Anxiety by Scott Stossel
  • The Returned by Jason Mott

Here's Where I Stand on the TBR Pile Challenge

I read one book from my Kindle app
  • Shadows by Jennifer L Armentrout