Friday, July 11, 2014

Thesis Project - Synopsis/Novel Outline

Around the Table is a collection of fictionalized short stories based on the lives of my grandparents, Carl and Mary. The  'From the Table' sections are the stories I grew up hearing around the kitchen table. The titles with years after them are the fictionalized stories based on the ones I grew up hearing.  Some stories (well most stories) are connected with food and include a recipe.

From the Table – Genealogy
Courtship (1931)

From the Table – Sauce vs. Gravy
Sunday Gravy (1937)
Recipe – Grandma’s Gravy

From the Table - Head of the Family
The Draft Board (1941)

From the Table – Green Acres
From The ‘Burg to the Farm (1945)
Recipe – Tomato Sandwiches

From the Table - Now vs. Then
Close Call (1950s)

From the Table – Break of Dawn
Day at the Beach (1950s)
Recipe – Italian 'Picnic'

From the Table - Letters
Back to Italy (1960s)

From the Table - JFK
A Family Gathering (1963)
Recipe – Pasta Ceci

From the Table - My Grandmother
Untitled Story (1976)

From the Table - We Risk Going to Italy
A Secession of Popes (1978)

From the Table – Why I Still Live at Home
The Doting Father (1980s)
Recipe - Tea with Milk and Honey

From the Table - My Grandfather
Untitled Story (1985)
Recipe – Polenta on the Board

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