Monday, March 6, 2017

It's Monday! What are you reading? - March 6


So my plan is each Monday to update anyone who reads this on what I'm currently reading and what I may have finished in the last week.

If you saw last week I was reading Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. However, two things happened. First I realized that I started it too late to get it read by its due date back at the library. Second, the more I read, the more I could hear it in his voice and that made me realize I would probably enjoy it more in audiobook more.  So I returned the book to the library and put myself on hold for the audiobook.

Currently At Home Book:
Title: Built
Author: Jaw Crownover
Date Started:  March 5

Currently At Work Book:
Title: Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America
Author: Michael Eric Dyson
Date Started: March 6

Finished Reading:
Title: Thunder and Roses
Author: Mary Jo Putney
Date Finished: February 25
Stars: 4 stars
Comments: Read for February's entry in the Keyword Reading Challenge

Address Unknown
Title: Address Unknown

Author: Katherine Kressmann Taylor
Date Finished: March 3
Stars: 5 stars
Comments: I'm highly recommended this book to everyone. It's short and worth reading right now! It just seems so completely right for the time period. It's time for this short story to be re-re-discovered.

Title: Echoes in Death
Author: J.D. Robb
Date Finished: March 3
Stars: 4 stars

Title: Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Vol 3
Author: Ryan North, Erica Henderson
Date Finished: March 5
Stars: 4 stars

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