Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cookbook Review: Twelve Recipes

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Twelve RecipesTwelve Recipes by Cal Peternell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I had high hopes for this book, but sadly I felt that it was just okay. The whole idea of learning twelve recipes that will be the foundation of so many recipes to come. Peternell starts off by saying that this book was built from sharing these core recipes with his sons. It's more than just twelve recipes and his hope is that you can learn just one from each chapter and then build off that one to create more.

I liked that this cookbook had "Breakable Rules." Except the first rule isn't breakable and it's one that I fully believe in, it's to "taste everything and tasted often."  Even if it's a recipe you make frequently, it's important to taste during the whole cooking process.

The author rubbed me the wrong way in the way he talks about using the best ingredients. I understand that the freshest ingredients result in the best tasting meals, but not everyone is able to buy fresh baked breads and fresh everything. He does acknowledge this, but at different points in the book, I felt like he was being condescending to those who maybe can't get a nice loaf of artisan bread for toast.

The chapters that saved this book for me were the chapters on toast, soup, and pasta.  I grew up in a household where these three things (along with rice) were the staples that were always kept on hand.  Toasted bread goes with nearly any meal or is a meal in itself. Pasta is a great quick meal for when you don't know what else to do.

Soup is the key thing, Peternell preaches something we hold dear in my house. Make a big pot of soup on the weekends and then eat it all week.  Soup tastes better as the week goes on!

The book goes on sale October 21, 2014 through Harper Collins.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Reader's Workout: Color Run (Walk)

Reader's Workouts is a weekly event which is hosted over at Joy's Book Blog.


I didn't hit any of my goals this week.  It was a slightly painful week for me. I work up Wednesday and felt a sharp pain in my left shoulder. I had limited movement in my head and it turn to really move at all. I called out of work, iced it and was very thankful that I had an appointment with my chiropractor later in the day.  As the pain of that started to go away I started to get pain in my sciatic. So again I was thankful to have an appointment with my chiropractor Monday morning and now I'll be going back tomorrow (Wednesday) night for another appointment.

I'm hoping (and if you could send positive vibes my way) to be back in walking shape for Saturday.  I'm walking a Color Run this weekend.  If you don't know a Color Run is a 5K where at various points along the route you get hit with colored powder (see image above). So at the end of it all you are a rainbow mess of color.  I'm signed up with a group and I believe only 2 of us are walking. Wish me luck!

I'll report back next week, with some pictures.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Reader's Workouts - Unbalanced Scales

Reader's Workouts is a weekly event which is hosted over at Joy's Book Blog.

I'm a Fitbit wearer, I like that it helps me keep active and moving during the week.  If you also wear one feel free to friend me!


I've been feeling a bit unbalanced the late few weeks.  I'm looking at this scale as sort of the balance between meeting my step goal, and tracking my food. I start off each week feeling as if I have the scale balanced but by the end of the week the scale always seems to tip one way or the other.

Last week I set some Mini-Goals for myself :
  1. Track everything even if I go over on calorie count
  2. Hit at least 4,000 steps a day, even if I have to pace around the house at night to reach that count
Well I started off good on tracking my calorie count and then we hit Friday night.  We went out for pizza and I really had planned to just eat 2 slices of thin crush tomato pie. I couldn't stop at just two!  So then the weekend hit and I played that mind game where since you screwed up one day you just give up.  I hate that game, I always lose!

I did, however, hit 4,000 steps a day.  There was really only one day that I didn't hit my goal of 5,000 steps.  I did A LOT of walking this week apparently.  

Mini-Goals for this week:
  1. Track everything even if I go over on calorie count
  2. Hit at least 5,000 steps a day
Good luck this week everyone!