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Book Trailer of the Day: The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck

This isn't really a book trailer, it's the audio of chapter 1.

The Comfort and Joy of Re-reading

The Comfort and Joy of Re-reading--Marilyn Dahl, book review editor, Shelf Awareness
This was what I was planning on writing about today and then before I can start I get my Shelf Awareness for Readers email and laughed at the similar topics.
We re-read books for many reasons; among people I know, the main reason seems to be comfort and familiarity.I love to reread books.  I tend to reread a lot of my favorite romance books, probably because to me they represent comfort and familiarity.  They are the best things when you can't sleep and it's 2 am and your mind won't stop running.  I grab a favorite romance and lose myself in the story.

My go to books are Christine Feehan's Drake Sisters series. They are stored in a drawer of my nightstand. I'll reach for one of the stories and skim a bit before settling in for my favorite parts.

This past weekend I was restless and reached into my drawer and pulled out Hannah's story (Safe Harbor) and followed up the next night w…

Book Trailer Thursday - The Coincidence Engine by Sam Leith

I'm looking over a book order and I came across this book and between the blurb and the book trailer I'm intrigued.

Book Description from Good Reads:

A hurricane sweeps off the Gulf of Mexico and in, the back-country of Alabama, assembles a passenger jet out of old bean-cans and junkyard waste. An eccentric mathematician - last heard of investigating the physics of free will and ranting about the devil - vanishes in the French Pyrenees. And the thuggish operatives of a multinational arms conglomerate are closing in on Alex Smart - a harmless Cambridge postgraduate who has set off with hope in his heart and a ring in his pocket to ask his American girlfriend to marry him. At the Directorate of the Extremely Improbable - an organisation so secret that many of its operatives aren't 100 per cent sure it exists - Red Queen takes an interest. What ensues is a chaotic chase across an imaginary America, haunted by madness, murder, mistaken identity, and a very large number of unh…

Book Club - March

This month we read two books. Officially our book was A Man to Trust by Carrie Turansky. She asked to come to our meeting to do a book talk. It's not really our kind of book but since we are associated with the book store we can't say no, so we read it. Then we unofficially picked Engaged in Sin by Sharon Page.

Carrie did a good talk on the Christian Fiction genre and even gave out prizes. Free stuff is always a big plus with me! We got cute retro romance cover notebooks and I won a free book. I don't have it near me now so I can't remember what I won, but it looked like it could be a really great story.

A Man to Trust by Carrie Turansky

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I kind of feel this book would have been a 2.5 but I rounded it up.

Characters - I liked the characters but I just didn't have a great connection with them. I feel like Adrie dragged her feet a bit much and that Ross should have pushed harder. (1/2 Star)

Plot - The story was good, I really enjoyed readin…

Book Trailer Thursday - The First Husband by Laura Dave

I loved this book! You all need to read it!

Since I'm lazy...

instead of an orginal blog post for today I'm just going to copy what I wrote for yesterday for the JASNA_CNJ blog:

Jane Austen Society of North America-- Central New Jersey Chapter: Read Jane...Now What? - Book Recomendations:

The Apothecary's Daughter by Julie Klassen
Lilly Haswell remembers everything--whether she wants to, or not...
As Lilly toils in her father's apothecary, preparing herbs and remedies by rote, she is haunted by memories of her mother's disappearance. Villagers whisper the tale, but her father refuses to discuss it. All the while, she dreams of the world beyond--of travel and adventure and romance.

When a relative offers to host her in London, Lilly discovers the pleasures and pitfalls of fashionable society and suitors, as well as clues about her mother. But will Lilly find what she is searching for--the truth of the past and a love for the future?

Blending romance, family drama, and fascinating historical detail, The Apothecary's Daugh…

Read an E-Book Week, March 4 - 10, 2012

So this week is Read an E-Book Week.

I'm currently reading A Man to Trust by Carrie Turansky which is our book club pick this month.

Description from Goodreads:
Following Her Heart

After years spent helping run her family's Christian bookstore, it's time for Adrie Chandler to give her own dream of playing her flute with a symphony a chance. But can she really trust the beloved shop to new manager Ross Peterson? The man is too handsome, too charming...too much a reminder of another dream Adrie had to let go of - marriage. Yet Ross surprises her by knowing a thing or two about making sacrifices. Suddenly, Adrie is questioning what she really wants. And whether the dreams she once thought unlikely are within reach after all.So far I really like Adrie and Ross.  I'm liking the story line and how while there is talk of God and faith and praying, it isn't being forced at me like a lot of other Christian romances are written.
Pier Angeli and James Dean read. from Awesome People Reading

The Month Ahead - March

Here's what I have planned for this month:

This months Book Club pick is a A Man to Trust by Carrie Turansky and it's an author even so Carrie will be at our meeting. Because this isn't our normal kind of book pick we also decided as a group we're going to independently read Engaged in Sin by Sharon Page.

I also have planned to read:

His Good Opinion by Nancy KelleyFor the Color Coded Reading Challenge I'm going to read the Green Mile by Stephen King.  My plan is to read it by volume.Then I want to start putting a dent in my ever growing To Be Read pile.