Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Comfort and Joy of Re-reading

The Comfort and Joy of Re-reading --Marilyn Dahl, book review editor, Shelf Awareness
This was what I was planning on writing about today and then before I can start I get my Shelf Awareness for Readers email and laughed at the similar topics.
We re-read books for many reasons; among people I know, the main reason seems to be comfort and familiarity.
I love to reread books.  I tend to reread a lot of my favorite romance books, probably because to me they represent comfort and familiarity.  They are the best things when you can't sleep and it's 2 am and your mind won't stop running.  I grab a favorite romance and lose myself in the story.

My go to books are Christine Feehan's Drake Sisters series. They are stored in a drawer of my nightstand. I'll reach for one of the stories and skim a bit before settling in for my favorite parts.

This past weekend I was restless and reached into my drawer and pulled out Hannah's story (Safe Harbor) and followed up the next night with Joley's story (Turbulent Sea) and last night I started Elle's story (Hidden Currents) and I'll refinish it tonight. These three are my favorites in the series and I have no problem reading then over and over again. I do on occasion reread the whole series.
But what about books that are so compelling, so fabulous, that we re-read them as soon as we finish them, driven by a need to recapture the magic we felt only moments ago?
I know this has happened, where I finished a story and ended up opening the book up to reread at least my favorite parts again. I honestly can't remember what book(s) but I know I've done it and these books tend to be the ones I return to again and again.
What do you like to re-read?

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