Monday, September 1, 2008

Quick rundown of Day 3 at PAX

Started the day off with room service breakfast before heading over to the convention center.  There Sam and I dropped Sean off at some panel about game art/design or something.  Then we headed over to the Expo Hall but before we got in there we were sidetracked to where Felicia Day was seated signing DVDs of the guild.  So Sam and I each got a copy of season one signed.  Then as we entered the Expo Hall we received free Champions Online T-Shirts.  Then we headed over to the Fallout 3 tables to get our Vault Boy puppets and Penny Arcade designed posters.  Then we headed over to the Champions Online area so I could make and ID card...I became The Librarian.

After that we checked out of the Expo Hall and headed across the street to see Wil Wheaton's Panel.  We got there in just enough time...that place filled up to standing room only. Wil read one of his stories "Blue Light Special" before doing a Q&A session.  It was great...really great.  After the panel we headed back to the Expo Hall to meet up with Sean.  Going back in we headed over so he could get his Fallout 3 stuff.  Then we hit up Pirates Online where Sam played a demo of the game and we all got shirts...Support Piracy.

We left the Expo Hall shortly after to head over for the Spore Demo.  That was an interesting looking game.  I don't know if I'll run right out and get it, but I may get around to play it...(the commercial for the game just came on). After the Demo we ran to get food and then get in line for the Final Omegathon round.  While waiting in line we played with pipe cleaners...yes pipe cleaners, it was like a summer camp arts and craft hour.  Some really creative designs were spotted.  We met up with our friend from day 2.  The final round was great they played some old 80's video game that was never released in the US.

After that we left and headed back to the hotel to unwind for a bit before heading to dinner at Benihana.  It was a great dinner, then we headed back to the hotel to crash for the night.

Our 1st PAX was great!