Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Poetry - Whiskey

I wrote this poem in a creative writing class in college.  The prompt was to compare two things in a Venn diagram. I compared a kiss and a shot of whiskey.  I no longer have the diagram I came up with, but this poem has to be one of my favorite things I've written. 


I can’t forget the events of those nights
The taste of whiskey in your kisses
The smell of it on your breath
I’m haunted by the feel of your hands
And the soft curses spoken

I remember every whispered promise
Those of love, marriage and a family
I remember the night those promises stopped
And all that remained was the whiskey
The burn of it all going down

I’ve tried to drink away these memories
But nothing can burn them away
When I drink rum I only get sick
The same with vodka and tequila
I’ve tried whiskey, but it reminds me of you

Taking a shot of whiskey is like kissing you
My whole system is affected by it
My mouth goes numb and
Everything tastes weaker after
It’s a taste that can never be forgotten

I can remember my first shot of whiskey
Just like I remember our first kiss
And haunted by our last kiss
I swore I’d never shoot whiskey again

But I crave the burn

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