Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fiction Fundamentals - Short Story #2

Two Brothers
            Maggie sat in the crowded pub watching as Stephen and D.J. set up to play.  She didn’t know why she was even there. She hadn’t seen either of them since she broke up with Stephen over a year ago. But some how she got talked into going and watching as well as helping to transport equipment. Now she watched as Stephen set up his drums, and D.J. set up the amp for his guitar.  They started to tune up and Maggie was joined at the table by a few of their friends that had been helping to set up. 
            “So why’s Maggie here?” D.J. looked over his shoulder to talk to his brother.
            “Just felt like inviting her.” Stephen didn’t want to let his brother know the only reason Maggie was here was because he needed a ride and knew he could talk her into it.
            “She looks good since the last time I saw her.” D.J. was watching Maggie as she made small talk with the others at the table.
            Maggie looked up from her conversation and noticed both brothers looking at her, neither realizing the other was also staring at her.  D.J. stopped staring at Maggie when he saw Vanessa, his fiancée, sit down next to Maggie at the table.
            “I thought Nessy wasn’t coming?”
            “She wasn’t supposed to.” D.J. just wanted to start their set, and get his mind off of Vanessa and Maggie. “You ready?”
            D.J. announced them and their first song. While they played Maggie watched both brothers.  She loved to watch them perform, it had been one of her favorite things to do while she was going out with Stephen.  They would get together over at D.J’s place and just spend the evenings playing music. There was something almost magical about the way the two of them performed.
            They were on their second song when Maggie realized that Stephen was staring at her.  Maggie sat and watched; shifting her attention back and forth between the stage and the conversation at the table.  She couldn’t keep her attention on the conversation; Vanessa dominated with talk of wedding plans. 
            “This is for a special someone. Her favorite song.” D.J. tired not to look at Maggie when he said this.  He looked towards the back of the pub and he saw Maggie out of the corner of his eye looking up at the stage.
            Maggie’s attention was now fully on the stage.  She hadn’t listened to this song in over a year.  Everyone was making comments that it was Stephen’s way of saying he was sorry.  Maggie knew better. When D.J. sang the words they were coming from him, they had meaning to them.
         Maggie had showed up at his job upset.  She had just had a fight with Stephen and instead of driving home drove there.  Maggie told D.J. everything.  As she was talking D.J. hadn’t been able to look at her but when she started to cry he took her in his arms. Stephen tried not to think about what this song meant to him as he played it for Maggie.  But he wondered if she had thought about him this past year.  She was a very special girl and she deserved the perfect guy. 
         D.J. opened his eyes as he finished singing the song.  He stared out at Maggie and saw how she was looking right back at him.  They had kissed that night and had spent most of the night talking.  He had only kissed her once but that had seemed like enough for them.  Just being alone together had seemed like enough for them.
            When the brothers finished the song the group Maggie had been sitting with moved up to the stage to help take the equipment down and out to the awaiting cars.  Maggie tried her best to stay away from both D.J. and Stephen. Her emotions were too strong right now to deal with either one.  Just as she thought she was in the clear D.J. came out and approached her.
“Hey.” He sounded like he wanted to say more but didn’t.
            “Hey.”  She paused, “You guys sounded great tonight.” 
            “Maggie I’m sorry.”  He hadn’t meant to blurt that out. “I’m sorry for hurting you and I’m sorry for Stephen. I’m sorry for everything. But mostly I’m sorry for letting you go.”
            “I, well um, geez. What happened, happened and nothing you can say now will change that.  You made me fall in love with you and than you broke my heart.  In turn I hurt Stephen, which is something I never wanted to do. Yes I wanted to end the relationship with him, but not like that.”  She looked to make sure no one was coming and than went on. “It’s really unfair that you do this to me right now. I mean you’re getting married to Nessy in a few short months. Why are you doing this to me now?”
            “Cause I saw you and everything came back to me.  I mean damn Mags, you look amazing, you always did but when I saw you tonight you took my breath away.” He stopped talking and Maggie turned around and saw Stephen walking towards them
            “Can I have a minute alone with Mags?”
            “Sure.”  D.J. smiled at her and walked away.
            “I’ve missed ya Mags.”
            “Can’t say the same, sorry.” She shrugged.
            “Then why did you come?” Stephen looked over at his brother standing out front talking with some people.
            “I wanted to hear you guys play.  Kinda sorry looking with out the rest of the band, but you sounded good anyway.”
            “Mags, let’s try this again. I forgive you for how you ended things.” He leaned into Maggie as if he was going to kiss her. She pushed him back.
            “YOU FORGIVE ME! Did Vicky, Samantha and Shannon all forgive you?”
            “You were my girlfriend. They…they were just girls.”
            “Well maybe one of the girls will take you back.” She got into the car and slammed the door. Before she could start the engine the passenger side door opened and D.J. got in the car.
            They drove in silence until they reached the house. As they unloaded the car they only spoke a few words about the equipment.  D.J. didn’t get back in the car so Maggie walked around to him.
            “You getting in?”
            “I’m going to walk back, I think it better if you leave from here.”
            “You sure?”
            “Mags.”  He paused and cupped her head in his hands and looked at her.  He leaned down and kissed her not knowing how she would respond.
            At his kiss Maggie threw her arms around him and returned the kiss fully.  D.J.’s arms wrapped around her waits and held her tight. The kiss seemed to go on forever but really only lasted a few minutes.
            “Go princess.” He kissed her forehead.
            “I love you D and I always will.”  She kissed him hard on the lips and got into her car.
            “Love you too Mags.” D.J. said it out loud to himself as she drove off. He turned on his heel and walked back to join everyone.

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