Friday, March 10, 2017

Peek Inside a Book: Irish Gold

When I was deciding to come back to the blog I was looking through all the blogging memes that the blogs I read follow. I had done Book Beginnings and The Friday 56 a handful of times, but over at Mixed Book Bag, JC merged them together and I really like that idea.  So borrowing from her I'm going to start linking up to both Book Beginnings on Friday from Rose City Reader and The Friday 56 with Freda's Voice.

My little twist to this; I work in a library IT department. We have two offices separated by a section of the fiction stacks.  Books are always catching my eye and I've gotten pretty good about ignoring them, other wise my TBR list would be HUGE.  But these weekly memes give them the chance to see if the book would be worth checking out.

Irish Gold (Nuala Anne McGrail, #1)This week the book is Irish Gold by Andrew M. Greeley :.

It Begins: 
"The Irish," I insisted to the black-haired young woman whose face might have belonged to a pre-Christian Celtic goddess, "are different. They look like some of the rest of us and they speak a language that's remotely like ours. Many of them even have the same names as we do. But they're different - almost like aliens from another planet."

On Page 56:
"What's her name?" Mom demanded happily.

"Nuala Anne McGrail - the first name is short for Fionnuala. She'a a student at TCD, Trinity College, that is, studying to be an accountant but she acts and sings."

This is the first book in the Nuala Ann McGrail series. It's like a cozy mystery series meets a good suspense series. I read this novel a few years ago at the suggestion from a friend's mother who just loved this books.  I remember liking the novel but it's wasn't really my taste in books so I didn't read on in the series.  The thing that really interested me was that Andrew M Greeley was an Irish Catholic Priest from Chicago and he wrote A LOT both fiction and nonfiction and donated his earnings to the Church and other charities. 

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