Friday, February 10, 2017

Five Minute Friday - Safe


I am safe?  I always thought I lived a relatively safe life but recent political aspects have me rethinking those ideas of safety I always believed surrounded me.

After the elections I felt there was a lot to unpack on many different levels. I kept circling around the idea of where I fit in with everything. I questioned my place due to my mixed ethnicity and how I was raised. I’m half Hispanic but do I really feel okay with saying I’m Hispanic when I grew up with more white privilege than others?  Or since I have known small injustices because of my ethnicity and my last name can I stand with those who have faced more injustices.  The further we get into this presidential reign the more I still question these same questions but I also feel more comfortable with my role in all of this protesting society.

I don’t feel safe, but not at the level of many in our country. I feel less safe than I did a year ago and that lack of feeling of safety is enough for me to realize that I’ve been lax in my motivations. I’ve always had opinions on politics but I’ve never put it into action. That stops now. 

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