Thursday, February 16, 2017

Three Word Wednesday #319

Decaying, Ember, Fragrant

On the 14th I saw a tweet that said to type "Roses are red" and then keep hitting the middle suggestion word until you have a poem. My friends and I all made some pretty funny yet on point poems.  I liked the idea and thought I would try it out for this week's prompt. I typed one of the prompt words and then hit the middle button 20 times. I made myself use all but 2 of the words and I could use a slight variation of the word.  This is what I came up with.

Decaying water from a small house to a branch is the one of space for a few minutes to get the
For a few minutes
A branch is the one
To get to the water
From a small decaying house
Ember and I couldn’t be the one who was going on a wedding day when I had the aunt wanted her

Embers on a wedding day
When her aunt couldn’t be the one wanted
And I who was going had
Fragrant and she is the first to be the niece and the niece to be a niece and aunt of course she

Fragrant is she
The first to be the niece
And the niece to be an aunt
of niece and she

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