Sunday, August 31, 2008

Quick rundown of Day 2 at PAX

Yesterday (day 2) was a lot of sit around and wait.  The first sit and wait was in line for the Penny Arcade: Draw a Strip.  So we watched as Tycho and Gabe created Monday's strip and did a hilarious Q&A session.  We learned a new curse word too.
After that we stayed and saw the Fallout 3 demo.  I've never played the Fallout games, but I really enjoyed watching the demo.  There were some pretty amazing things, the weapons were great and I loved the super glove thingy that took the guys head off.  We also got puppets.

We left after that to go get food.  We ended up down the road at this little place called Cyber Dog.  It's 100% vegetarian. The dogs were okay, but not really worth the wait, also considering they forgot one of our dogs.  Going to get food prevented us from getting in line early enough to see the D&D DM panel, but we were in line for the Beyond D&D panel.  While in line Sam met Jeffrey who was dressed like a pirate...and then we became four.
After that panel we joined the guys who hosted the panel and the creater of Burning Wheel for a demo of Burning Wheel.  It was good fun, a few people got to play and the rest of us had a good time messing around and watching the game being played.  Sam got to sit in on a game and it seemed really fun, it's more person to person without the mini's to push around a board. 

Then we headed over to the concert, which was more just loud noise then music...we left and headed over to the free play areas and ended up watching the Rock Band stage.  Sam and Sean stayed a bit but then headed over to the concert again to see MC Frontalot.  Pirate man and I stayed and watched Rock Band, chatted and then went for a walk, coming across one of his friends before, Sam and Sean got back from the concert and we called it a night.

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