Thursday, November 25, 2010

Things I dislike...


     I've started reading Lakeshore Christmas by Susan Wiggs, it's part of The Lakeshore Chronicles, a series I've enjoyed so far.  I don't know if I can get through this book.  The description starts out:
The prim Librarian...
     My first reaction was "Why does she have to be prim?"  But I'm open minded and I won't judge the book yet.  I open the book and come across the dedication and it reads:
To the many librarians I know -- and to the many more I've never met... You have no idea how much you enrich people's lives. Or maybe you do. I hope you do. Thank you.
     Ok this made me feel better, she appreciates and likes librarians.  So maybe it's not that bad, maybe it's just the desciption which to my knowledge the authors do not have control over.
     I was wrong.  The stereotype is hers, the librarian feels she's plain in her tweed skirt, tights, boots and T-shirt.  She looks through her think lens and tends to pull her hair back and wears no makeup.  She loves books and is freakishly organized.  She lives alone, doesn't date much, and has cats.  And of course our hero is a former child star and will be the one to break her of the stereotype.

     I'm only two chapters into the book and I really dislike this character. This story is going to be a pain to read, but I'll force myself to read it and move onto the next book in the series.  I'm can't promise I won't throw this book numerous times.  Not just because of the stereotype there's also a feel of mysterious Christmas happenings, which just bugs me because the other stories in the series have been grounded in reality so to throw that in is just screwy.

     I have since finished this book and it really didn't get much better.  They just kept up with the stereotypes of both the librarian and the former child star, the story kept forcing this commercialized view of Christmas being this amazing time to be with family and where miracles come true. And just incase you read this and can't pick up on it the mysterious boy who shows up is the ghost of the boy who died in the fire 100 years before.  You know because this story is sooo grounded in reality.
     Like I said before, if the whole series had some supernatural feel to it, I would have liked this story a little more.  If they had decided to break away from the stereotypes this story would have been a lot better.

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