Thursday, September 6, 2012

Color Coded Reading Challenge - Rainbow

This book fills the "word that implies color" requirement.

Midnight RainbowMidnight Rainbow by Linda Howard
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The cover of this book has a quote from Booklist that reads:

Contains all the ingredients of a classic Howard romance.

To me a "classic Howard romance" is one that with a few updates can be set in a more modern setting and still be just as good.  While this wasn't one of my favorite books by Linda Howard, it was a quick and enjoyable read.

Originally published in 1986 there are a few changes that would update this story quite easily.  The missing microfilm turns into a flash drive, Vietnam becomes Afghanistan, there's either no connection or something happens so there's no cell phone service, and he wears a condom.

This is also a classic story line, a girl gets held hostage somewhere in Central/South America and a super special elite former/current military guy goes in and rescues her.  

I liked Jane, she was a great heroine.  She tries to be strong, but really there's only so much a girl can deal with when running through a jungle trying to survive.  Grant is also great, I think one of my favorite scenes in the book is when he goes to visit his parents.  He's just a backwoods country boy at heart who got lost in the dark world of the military.

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