Thursday, January 3, 2013

Year in Review and Looking Forward

I set myself a goal of tracking 100 books on Goodreads in 2012...I tracked 150.  For 2013 I set myself a goal of tracking 200 books.

I say tracking and not reading because I read way more than I track.  There's short little romance novel I'll grab out of the free bin at work to read at lunch or the children's picture book that just came in.  I don't track those.  There are the books that I forget to track because I read it in one afternoon laying on the couch.  There are also the books I reread.  The books I turn to at 2 am when I know there is no way I'll be getting back to sleep.  So I set goals to track the new books I read.

I did the Color Coded Reading Challenge in 2012 and just barely completed that task.  The Global Lit class bogged me down towards the end of the year and I just wasn't reading as much as a I normally do.

For 2031 I'm going to be trying the TBR Pile Challenge.  I dug through my numerous bins/bags/boxes of books and found 12 (plus 2 alternates) that have been sitting there for awhile and hopefully I'll read at least a handful if not all of them.

As of this posting there is only a handful of days before the end of my winter break and I can say I won't be getting to the books on my Winter Break Reading List. I had first put more books on the list but then realized I had dreamed too big on my down time over the holidays so I knocked off a good number of them.  Still with the down time I haven't read as much as I would have liked.  I'm hoping to finish at least two more books on the list before the official start of the semester.

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