Monday, May 20, 2013

Writing Exercise #1

For tonight's Writers' Group Meeting:

From John Gardner's "The Art of Fiction: Notes on Craft for Young Writers"
Write an honest and sensitive description of a ghost
Here is my "story":

Are you embarrassed about the state of your very old house?
Are you disappointed with the ambiance of your home?
Would you like to get more frequent "visitors"?

Good evening. My name's Jared. I'm the owner and founder for Ghosts ‘R Us.

If you're looking for a ghost then pay close attention because I'm going to share with you the amazing power of
Ghost in a Jar.

Lets talk about the benefits of
Ghost in a Jar ...

Each jar contains it's very own unique ghost;
Each ghost comes with their very own back story;
Each ghost is at least 50 years old.
Here's what one of our customers said in a recent e-mail to us:
My old farmhouse was lacking a certain kind of charm. I ordered a
Non-threatening Grandma Ghost in a Jar and it just made my home so much better.

And here's what another one of our customers said:
I grew up in a house with a ghost and missed the sounds at night so I fixed my problem with a
Night Time Ghost in the Jar. Now my home is filled with those sounds I grew up listening to every night.

You too can get the experience of a true haunting with a
Ghost in a Jar.
Not only am I the owner, founder and spokesperson for Ghost in a Jar, I am also a satisfied customer. I grew up with a ghost in our house, he kind of took care of us. When we couldn’t find something all we had to do was ask and there it was. He was also helpful in remembering to turn down the heat in the winter when no one was home.  Just like any ghost he also had his faults. Our ghost would like to use the computer during the middle of the night.  He also would smoke his pipes inside even though we told him he couldn’t. He was a member of the family and we enjoyed having him in our home.

When I moved out and on my own I realized that I missed having a ghost in the house. I did a lot of research and after years of study found a connection to the Other Side. My contact on the other side informed me that there are many ghosts who are searching for a home.  Ghost in a Jar pairs up homes and ghosts. We can find the right ghost for you and your family.

So if you want to eliminate embarrassment over the lack of ambiance in your house, and enjoy the benefits of your very own ghost, then make sure you order your own Ghost in a Jar today.

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