Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Book Review - Beckman

Beckman (Lonely Lords, #4)Beckman by Grace Burrowes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received an ebook copy from Netgalley.

There are three things I love about Grace Burrowes books:

1. The presence of Jane Austen
2. Strong female characters
3. The fact that the female character doesn't NEED the hero, but it sure does help that he's around.

Points 2 and 3 are the key reasons I love to read her books and Beckman is no different.  Beckman is book four in her Lonely Lords series.  I have not read the three previous books in the series (but I will now!) and I didn't feel like I was missing out on any connections to other books. 

Sara Hunt is not your typical housekeeper, something Beckman discovers quickly once he arrives at Three Springs.  Beckman is here at the bidding of his father, he is charged with fixing what's wrong with the house and the grounds.  Beckman finds that there is a lot of work to be done and not everyone is what they appear to be at this estate.

Sara is hiding out, she's hiding from life and seems content to keep on hiding.  She's not alone in her hiding, she has a daughter Allie and her sister Polly is the cook.  There is also North who is hiding out from his own life (I can't wait to read his book). It seems like the perfect place for Beck who is also kind of hiding from life.  Here at Three Springs this group can live separate themselves from the world outside the estate and the problems that live out there.

When the outside world invades Sara realizes that she can't keep hiding, and she needs to face her problems, specifically her brother-in-law.  She doesn't know what he wants, but she suspects it isn't good, especially with the strange going ons around the estate.  Beckman is set on fixing the problems of the estate and that means being there to help Sara and North with their problems. He also has time to focus on his own problems.  For Beckman and Sara the resolution to their problems requires them to be there for each other.

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  1. It was a really great book. I really enjoy all her books. I highly suggest you read her.