Thursday, September 19, 2013

Book Trailer Thursday - 17 Day Plan to Stop Aging

Not the typical book I post book trailers for, but I found myself drawn into the videos for this one.

Let me start at the beginning...I had nothing else to post so I went on the hunt for a book trailer. I ended up on YouTube and on the page for Simon & Schuster.  As I clicked and watching book trailers, and authors talking, I saw a video that said "5 Ways to Slow Aging in Your 50s" but paid it no attention.  Then after a few more videos I saw "5 Way to Slow Again in Your 20s" and watched the video.

#1 - Don't do it nearly enough - trying to really get into a better routine
#2 - Don't do it nearly enough - trying.
#3 - Nope, but I'm going to look into it, helps with anxiety.
#4 - This one I have done! Whoo-hoo (just got to remember to floss everyday).
#5 - Nope - I exercise more than I wear sunscreen.

I failed the no aging in my 20s. But no fear, there was a video on the side panel that read "5 Ways to Slow your Again in your 30s"

I clicked on the video and hoped Dr. Mike could help since I averaged about 2 of those 5 things in my 20s (no more than 3 at the same time).

He gives a lot of good tips and it looks like has made a number of videos for Simon & Schuester. As I reach the end to my 20s I have been thinking about aging and changes I'll need to make as I move into my 30s.

I'll be checking out this book.

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