Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I'm still writing...

kind of.

With school work and work work I feel as if I don't have the time to write.  When I'm not at work, and not working on school stuffs, I really have no desire to be in front of the computer.

With National Novel Writing Month approaching I'm considering if I'll be attempting the challenge this year.  I'm leaning strongly towards 'no' for those reasons stated above. I am however determined to write in November.  While I won't officially be participating, I am planning on focusing on some writing.

I started working on turning one of my failed NaNo novels into  short story.  I think I write better as a short story author.  I started my editing of the original text and weeding out the sub plot lines that just won't work in the shorter version.

Besides not writing I haven't been going to writer's group meetings.  I'm going to start to go back, at least to help the other members with their writing projects. I'm also going to do the writing exercises they started doing.  Even if I'm just hacking out 2 pages every 2 weeks, at least I'm writing.

Here are the prompts for the upcoming meetings:

Writers' prompts for October 28th -The asteroid was hurtling straight for...
Writers' prompts for November 9th -The garden was overgrown now.
Writers' prompt for November 18th - Fads never really go out of style.

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