Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Guest Post - The Power of the Written Word

While I am recovering from the stress of writing a final paper, new author, Gerald Freeman, has written a guest post.  His new book "Kill Daddy" is available as a ebook on Amazon.


The main objective for anyone involved in the arts is to get their message across, and everything revolves around the efficacy. Artists want to communicate with people, share ideas, passions and experiences. For many of us, the inspiration is life.

I have spent the last 20 years focusing on sculpture and writing, both mediums through which I hope to inspire and share my ideas about us and our role on this planet. I spent 10 years working on my technique in both areas, and a few years ago, I felt ready to put my work out there. I began with sculpture and have been very lucky. I have held some great exhibitions and my work has found a home in many parts of the world. Like writing, it is a gradual process and will take the time it takes, and building a platform is where it all begins.

Until recently, I believed my sculpture was the ultimate way to communicate my ideas to people, there are no words, everything is visual and the onlooker internalises the idea and contemplates on its significance and message: it is extremely personal. However, there is a superficiality connected with the art world, which really destroys the whole essence of art: the aristocrats love to be seen at exhibitions, and more often than not, the cameras and film crews take more footage of the rich and famous than they do of the work which is on display. Being nice to these people will get you a nice, but completely fake exhibition.

So, I began to doubt if my work would reach the real people, and I turned again to my books, which tell the same stories as my sculpture, paradoxically though, words being the only tool. In the last 2 months of promoting my first book, I have been bowled over by the effect my written word has had on people and the connections I have made with my readers. To a point, I almost got scared. People have contacted me and told me things about their lives, their ideals and their most personal thoughts, and I have been humbled: I did not realise the power of the written word, until now.

Also, I have found such a great support network, other authors willing to share and participate and give instead of just take, even the promoters in the literary world have made me feel like an individual and not just a client. Reviews have been favourable so far, but I do not expect everyone will like my work. The reviewers and bloggers have been supportive, helpful and inspiring, too. The writing world is not as lonely as the art world, where everyone is keeping their ideas a closely guarded secret for fear someone will copy them.

Until last night, I had lost faith in my art and the power of the unspoken word. However, I took a look at one of my recent pieces entitled ‘The Long Term Effects Of Abuse’, and I have to say that in this case, words are not necessary, and in fact the absence of them speaks volumes. Every person’s experience will be different, and words might only limit the idea to people who can identify with my version of events. Therefore, reaching a much smaller audience.

In conclusion, I would have to say that I believe the written word to be the most effective tool for getting a specific idea across. However, one piece of art is capable of sending a thousand silent messages.


I have spent my life following my heart and living the life I dream of. It has taken me to all kinds of far and distant places both physically and mentally. I want to relay my experiences to others, identify with other people and share experiences and emotions. Most of all I want my readers to enjoy the time spent reading my stories.

My concept is to write about life and identify with people all over the planet.

I also express myself through art, principally sculpture. Check out my website and my blog


  1. Thank you for having me Amelia!!

  2. You're welcome. It was a really interesting piece, thank you for sharing it.

  3. I have been following Gerry Aldridge's work since I read his book, Kill Daddy, and reviewed it on Amazon. This heartfelt article is a great example of his writing. Gerry is an author to watch! I look forward to reading his future works

  4. You seem to be my guardian angel xx

  5. It's a beautifully written piece and he speaks so much truth. I really feel that art is one of the most honest ways of communication.