Monday, May 12, 2014

Writing Exercise #8

Look in the mirror and describe what you see.

7 am – a blur of bed head as I shuffle past the mirror on my bedroom door
7:02 – more bed head, a little less blurry as I shuffle into the bathroom
7:20 – a mass of wet hair and freshly scrubbed face as I get out of the shower
7:22 – hair wrapped in a towel as product gets applied to reduce puffy eyes and diminish blemishes
7:30 – damp hair that is currently finger tussled with the application of anti-frizz product
8:00 – blown dried hair, curled, slight presence of frizz, damn humidity
8:02 – hair pulled back, face currently bring moisturized and tinted
8:05 – toothbrush sticking out of mouth, head moving side to side as I try to spot blemishes
8:07 – face slightly darker with foundation powder
8:09 – eyes lined, mascaraed lashes, brushed brows, lightly shadowed lids framed by glasses
8:13 – sheered lined lips, slightly colored in
8:15 – hair tussled into place, slightly more frizz then when it went up 15 minutes ago
8:30 – double check eyes in rearview mirror before sliding sunglasses on
8:55 – double check of lips in rearview mirror before getting out of the car at work, most if not all of lipstick is gone from drinking coffee during commute
9 to 5 – various checks during the day reveal, I’ve rubbed the makeup off one eye, never reapplied the lipstick and the liner has all but faded, hair is frizzed from weather and lost half its curl from repeated attacks by my hands throughout the day
5:31 – hair pulled up into quick bun
5:35 – makeup wiped from face

This is pretty much how a typical day goes, but this was exactly what happened Friday. 

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