Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Reader's Workouts - Spooky Tails and Trails

Reader's Workouts is a weekly event which is hosted over at Joy's Book Blog.


My regular trips to the gym to walk on the treadmill have been infrequent. Between scheduling issues and visits to the chiropractor things have been up in the air.

Sunday, the girls and I, participated in the Spooky Tails and Trails walk at my local park. The walk was sponsored by the local YMCA. It was a 5K run, 2 Mile pet and family walk, and 1 Mile kids fun run.  We did the 2 mile pet walk.

I knew my pug Lola would be able to walk the 2 miles. She likes a good walk and is perfectly happy to prance along.  Ellie, however, isn't much of a walker. Her weight and short stubby legs are not a good combination. My original plan was to just take Lola but the more I thought about it, the more I realized, I can't leave one at home.

So I went online and purchased a dog stroller.

The plan was for Ellie to walk for a bit and then into the stroller she would go. On test walks Ellie barely made it a quarter mile before sitting down and refusing to move.

On Sunday, Ellie did much more than a quarter mile. I was very proud of her. The after affect was a very tired and limpy pug. Lola did the full 2 mile walk and she had a bit of energy to spare. Both pugs slept very well that night.

Oh there was also a pet costume contest.  I think my girls were robbed!

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Up next is the Biggest Loser 5K Walk on November 2!


  1. I love the wings. I did a costume 5k this weekend too with a much less agreeable partner.

  2. They were not thrilled about the wings (kept trying to shake them off). Had they not looked so cute I would have taken them off sooner but I just thought they looked adorable. Of course now they (and the back seat of my car) are covered in sparkles.

  3. What cuties.

    We have a golden retriever/setter/mutt who looks like he'd be able to do pretty well on walks/runs, but can only make it about a mile because of hip issues he's had since he was a puppy and we got him from a shelter.

  4. What fun! Love the costumes. That's so odd that Ellie got more motivated to walk longer on race day.

  5. We think she was feeling a bit more spunky with her recent adjustment to her medication.