Thursday, August 9, 2012

August Book Club

Forbidden Pleasure (Bound Hearts, #8)Forbidden Pleasure by Lora Leigh
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was the second book we have all disliked.  The first still goes by "the book that shall not be named" and we avoid that author's books all together when picking books each month.

We all had similar feelings about the story, the characters, and the sex.  

I have mixed feelings about the book. Normally I want to go back and read the books in the series but I'm just not feeling compelled to do that with this series. I feel that if I had started with book one I may have liked the book/series more. When books in the middle of series have been picked in the past I've gone back and read those that came before, but I never got around this time and just read the book.  I kind of regret doing that, but there's no going back now!

This was our book club pick and the woman who picked it didn't realize what it was really about, she thought Keiley was torn between the two men, not that she'd be with both once.

The story didn't interest me, I kind of felt like it was rushed on the relationship aspects.  I didn't like  Keiley, she knew before she married Mac what The Club was about, but she still acts kind of dumbfounded when Jethro shows up. There was so much more that we discussed at our meeting of things that just didn't make sense to us.

Those of us who have read Lora Leigh's books in the past felt a little let down by this book.  One member had read another random book in this series and just loved it.  I'll still read her books, but I think I'm going to avoid this series.

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