Tuesday, April 23, 2013

TBR Challenge - DNF - How to Be Single

How to Be SingleHow to Be Single by Liz Tuccillo

This sadly has been labeled as Did Not Finish.

I made it as far as the third chapter and was really forcing myself. I just couldn't get myself interested, which is really sad because this has been sitting on my TBR Pile for awhile now.  I thought the concept was really interesting and reminded me a bit about Eat, Pray, Love, but it just didn't capture my attention.

I've said this in other reviews and I'll repeat it here, a character needs to make me want to read their story.  I didn't really care that much about Julie. If this had been a non-fiction book, I may have been more interested in what the author found out about the single life around the world.  As a fiction book, it wasn't enough to keep me reading.

*Spoiler Alert*

I skimmed ahead in the book to see if anything later on would catch my attention.  Nothing did, and what I did skim, I didn't like.  Julie has an affair with a married man.  I know it's a was done with a sense of realism, but I don't like reading about affairs.  If I had read further in the book I would have probably stopped at the point where she starts the affair.

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