Thursday, April 4, 2013

Book Trailer Thursday - T-Rex Trying

I've been slack on catching up with all the info in my Google Reader, some of my newsletters and of course in my posting. I finally have caught up and there were three book trailers shared in my Shelf-Awareness newsletters I just had to share. So the next few weeks I'll at least have one post to share on Thursdays!

This first one caught my eye because I associate T-Rex with my friend Amanda and her husband. I tend to share anything T-Rex/dinosaur related with them.  This book looks so cute and it's based off a Tumblr blog so I'm going to have to follow that as well as get my hands on this book!

T-Rex Trying by Hugh Murphy

Published on Nov 8, 2012Poor T-Rex. It's hard to be the Lizard King when you can't even change a light bulb.
Drawn from Hugh Murphy's wildly popular Tumblr feed of the same name, T-Rex Trying depicts the stubby-armed tyrant in a range of hilarious—yet pathos-inducing—activities that we humans take for granted. Murphy's 100 drawings include:
T-Rex Trying to Paint His House
T-Rex Trying to Use a Drive-Through ATM
T-Rex Trying to Apply Sunscreen
T-Rex Trying to Break Into a Vending Machine
T-Rex Trying to Ask for a New Roll of Toilet Paper from the Next Stall
Looks like the ancient beast isn't so tough after all.

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