Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Finish the Series Challenge - The Lonely Lords

The Lonely Lords by Grace Burrows
#6 - Gareth
#7 - Andrew
#8 - Douglas
#9 - David
#10 - Trenton
#11 - Worth, Lord of Reckoning
#12 - Hadrian

I had gotten behind in reading this series and was excited to catch up (not so much finish because I see she's writing more).  However, I feel like this series might have gotten away from the author.  The last few stories, had what felt like loose connections to the original set up of the series. They also start jumping back in time and I felt like they played with the time line a bit.  There were things in some of the earlier books that didn't match up with books that are supposed to be taking place either during the same period or in between earlier books.

She has a family tree but only with characters up to book 10, Trenton's book.  I really feel like at this point the series has ended and the next two books are just Lonely Lords that needed a series to belong too.  That being said I'll keep reading, as long as she keeps writing.

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