Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Daily Themes - April 6


"Yes, this is how I express myself." 

Walking into the house I find my four year old son in an extremely mixed matched outfit, sitting quietly watching television. This was not the outfit I had laid out for him so I was a bit confused but figured he might have changed due to an accident or his tendency to get dirty. I called out a hello to my mother in the kitchen before walking down the hallway to my room.  As I passed by my son’s room I notice the outfit I had picked out for him was still laying neatly at the foot of his bed.  I changed out of my work close and headed into the kitchen.

“Mom, why isn’t Jase wearing the outfit I left out for him?” I asked while walking into the room.  

My mother stood at the stove stirring a pot of sauce.  Not only did she watch Jase for me during the day she also cooked us a nice dinner before going home to make dinner for her and my dad.
“Here taste this.” She held the spoon up for me to taste.  Going on reflex I tasted the sauce, which was perfect.

“Nana can I taste?” Jase came running into the room, his nana’s sauce being his favorite thing to eat. Now that he was standing I got a better look at his outfit.  He wore a pair of shorts (it’s the middle of winter), an old t-shirt that should have been in the last donation bag since it was slightly too small for him, one green sock, one yellow sock, and a tie loosely looped around his neck.

“What’s with the outfit buddy?” I asked after my son got his taste.

He shrugged.

“Letting children pick out their own close is a way to help them express who they are during a time period when everything is dictated to them by their parents.” My mother put the lid back on the pot. “The sauce should be good to go, you just have to drop your pasta. There’s salad in the fridge.”  She bent down, kissed Jase and then came to hug and kiss me. “Isn’t he adorable?” Then she breezed right out the door.

“A way to express themselves?” I mumbled to myself as turned the burner on under a pot already full with water.

“Yes,” Jase said, take a spin on his socked foot, “this is how I express myself.”  He skated out of the kitchen on his miss-matched socks.

I’m going to have to talk to my mother. Shaking my head I finished making dinner.

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