Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Daily Themes - April 28

Write a poem about your favorite person, place or animal. 

This is a poem I wrote about my Dad after he passed away when I was 16.

My Daddy

To every little girl, her father is unbreakable.  He’s strong and brave. He is her white knight, always riding to her rescue.

Then as she gets older she comes to see that he gets sick. He can get hurt. Still he fights the cold, no sweat. A flu; piece of cake. There is nothing he can’t do.

When she becomes a teenager she’ll get embarrassed by him. She’ll get mad at him. They’ll fight, but when no one’s around they go back to being a little girl and her daddy, the white knight. Now she’s dating and dreaming about her wedding. She knows how proud he’ll be.

One day she’ll find out that her father is breakable.  It will break her heart to find out, but it makes her stronger to know that he was unbreakable.  She’s just like him.

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