Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Reading Review

Book Club
We read "A Kiss at Midnight" by Eloisa James, but our meeting was canceled due to snow.  I didn't really write a review for the book this month I just wasn't feeling it but I'll write something after we talk about the book at our Feb. meeting.

2011 Support your Local Library Challenge
This challenge is to check out books to support the library.  I felt this challenge would be easy, I work at  library and belong to my local library which isn't part of the county library system.  I didn't want to be over confident so I set my bar low and signed up for the Mini which requires checking out 30 books in 2011.  I'm happy to say I checked out 5 books in January, 4 from work and 1 from my local library.  Three of the books were part of the other reading challenges I'm working on so it's perfect.

Men in Uniform 2011 Reading Challenge
I originally thought I would be in the Captain level reading between 11-15 books about men in uniform.  I had been deleting romance novels and pulled 12 from the collection that sounded interesting. I'm reading these during my lunch breaks and boy and I flying through them.  I've already read four and I'm now planning on reading through the Suzanne Brockmann series Tall, Dark, and Dangerous about US Navy SEALs.

 Nora Roberts Reading Challenge
This is one that I've set for myself and I'm slowly working my way through her older stuff, but I've gotten caught up reading through a new series that I've kind of put this on the back burner.  I'm going to be starting up with her books again soon so hopefully I'll have an update for Feburary.

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