Friday, January 10, 2014

55 Flash Fiction Friday - Reference Question

This meme is hosted by Mr. Knowitall.

My desk.
We have a patron who comes into the library nearly everyday.  He loves to watch Jeopardy and when he discovered the Clue of the Day in the NYTimes he was thrilled.  He believes that he tricks his wife that he knows the answer to Final Jeopardy or what every clue it happens to be in that day's broadcast. 

Reference Question
“Good morning ladies.”
Nearly every day he comes to the reference desk, a folded section of The New York Times in his hand.
“I think it’s …” he’ll share his answer. More often than not he’s not even close.
I take the paper and start my research to answer the Jeopardy Clue of the Day. 


  1. hahaha...he tricks his wife
    and you do the leg
    you probably make his day though

    1. We laugh that he thinks he tricks his wife. She knows he comes to the library ever morning and has to know there is no way he knows all these answers.

  2. least he's going to the library!

    1. You got that right. I can't complain when people come in, at least they are coming in.

  3. How Funny
    I just got thru watching Jeopardy
    I did OK..... Hehehe
    Loved your fooling the wife 55
    Thanks for playing and the back story
    Thank you for your support
    Have a Kick Ass Week End

  4. But just think how smart he is after being fed all those tidbits of information!