Monday, January 13, 2014

Writing Exercise #3

I have not been keeping up with the writing exercises for my writers' group. I also haven't been going to the meetings.  Two of the old prompts inspired me to write a short's a glimpse of what I'm working on!

Prompt: -The asteroid was hurtling straight for...

The asteroid was hurtling straight for Captain Mar’s ship and all he could think about was if he had turned the coffee pot off in his cabin. Damnit he just couldn’t remember, not that it mattered. The ship’s engines were not responding and they were on a deadly collision course with the asteroid. If they couldn’t get the engines restored they had little chance of survival. Every second that passed their chance of survival if they got the engines working decreased. Mar was doing everything in his power to guide his crew to survival, but there wasn’t much more he could do besides shouting orders. His mind kept wandering to his errant coffee pot.

Prompt: - The garden was overgrown.

Mar came awake and had a startled moment before he realized that he must have dozed off sitting out in his garden. Taking a deep breath, he repositioned himself in the chair and looked up into the night sky. It was a beautiful sight; he missed it up there and couldn’t wait for his next assignment. While he waited he had plenty of time to put his garden back to rights. It had been horribly overgrown when he returned home a few weeks ago. He had made arrangements for its care but those he left in charge had completely neglected their job. It had been heartbreaking when he walked into his backyard for the first time upon his return and saw how it looked. He had spent two years serving aboard a research ship in space and all he had looked forward too was to be back in his garden. He’d be spending a lot of time in his garden now, just not the kind of time he had envisioned. Instead of relaxing and enjoying all his hard work, Mar is left to put more hard work into the repair of his home.

I'm trying my hand at a Science Fiction type story here.  I'm playing with timeline and reality.  This story still needs a lot of cleaning up, but it did confuse the other readers so that part of my plan worked!

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