Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Fun - Questions

Four Names People Call Me Other Than My Real Name.. 
1. Titi (only my niece as of right now!)
2. Amanda
3. Elena
4. Emily

Four Jobs I've Had... 
1. Cashier
2. Day care employee
3. State employee
4. Librarian

Four Movies I've Watched More Than Once... 
1. Rebel Without a Cause
2. Twister (every time I see it on)
3. Love Actually
4. Miracle

Four Books I’d Recommend...
1. Divine Evil by Nora Roberts
2. Persuasion by Jane Austen
3. If On a Winters Night a Traveler by Italo Calvino
4. Pretty much anything on my Goodreads list

Four Places I Have Lived...
1. Pemberton, NJ
2. Trenton, NJ
3. Hamilton, NJ
4. Glassboro, NJ (while in college)

Four Places I Have Been...
1. Italy
2. Ireland
3. England
4. Seattle, WA 

Four Places I’d Rather Be Right Now...
1. Italy
2. Ireland
3. England
4. Seattle, WA

Four Things I Don’t Eat...
1. Pork (I love it but it doesn't love me)
2. Marshmallows or anything too mushy
3. Nutella (don't like the flavor)

Four of My Favorite Foods...
1. Coffee (that’s a food right?)
2. Chocolate
3. Pasta
4. Rice and beans

Four TV Shows That I Watch...
1. Chopped
2. Criminal Minds
3. Doctor Who
4. Lockup

Four Things I Am Looking Forward To This Year...
1. The birth of my next niece/nephew in August
2. Warm weather
3. The annual BFFL birthday trip
4. My trip to Portland in a few weeks!

Four Things I’m Always Saying...
1. (Oh) For the Love!
2. You have got to be kidding me
3. Yelling one of the dog's names (Lola or Ellie)
4.  Fuck

Four People I Tag...
Just do it if you want!


  1. LOL Love that your names are so different. Hope you have a blast on your vacation!

  2. That's only because people can't seem to remember my name. I have cousins Elena and Amanda and a patron who for some reason thinks I'm Emily.