Saturday, May 2, 2015

Writing Prompt 21

Write Your Obituary 

I based my obituary on one of the obituaries written for Jane Austen. It reads: 

Courier (July 22, 1817, no. 7744, p. 4), makes the first published admission of Jane Austen’s authorship of the four novels then published: “On the 18th inst. at Winchester, Miss Jane Austen, youngest daughter of the late Rev. George Austen, Rector of Steventon, in Hampshire, and the Authoress of Emma, Mansfield Park, Pride and Prejudice, and Sense and Sensibility. Her manners were most gentle; her affections ardent; her candor was not to be surpassed, and she lived and died as became a humble Christian.” 

I also went with the idea that I was writing in now with areas where someone could fill in once I pass away. 

Times of Trenton (Mon. ?, 20??, no. ?, p. ?), On the ??th inst. at Hamilton, Miss [hopefully this can be changed to Mrs.] Amelia [with any luck a nee will be here] Rodriguez, daughter of the late Mr. Fernando Rodriguez, Auditor with the State, in New Jersey, [wife of Mr. First Last Name], and Authoress of [novel title], [novel title], [title of short story collection], and the popular [nonfiction title]. Her manner was mild and quite, and she was a helpful ear when needed. She lived and died a good Christian woman. [Hopefully they'll believe and print this.]

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