Thursday, June 11, 2015

TBR Pile Challenge - Against the Tide by Elizabeth Camden

Against the TideAgainst the Tide by Elizabeth Camden
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book wasn't what I expected, I was thinking it would be about military intelligence and Lydia's job of translating. This was part of the story, but the bigger story was about the hard work at getting people to stop using opium and the fight the opium addiction that seemed to be very common during the time period.

Lydia is orphaned when her father's boat doesn't return to port one day after she gets done school.  Growing up in an orphanage, she is scared of ending up back in those low points in her life. She keeps everything uber organized and Alexander loves to mess with her. Every time he visits the office he moves something on her desk. They have both been warned off each other, but they are both really attracted to the other. They start working together, Alexander needs a translator and Lydia is the best in Boston.  This leads them into trouble. All the trouble in this book is pretty much Alexander's fault and he makes up for it, but it still bothered me.

I loved Lydia. She's independent and prideful and flawed. She saved this book for me, I wanted to keep reading to see how she would solve the problems Alexander put in front of her.  She needed his help, but in the sense that everyone needs someone in their corner.

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