Sunday, March 18, 2018

#2018BibleRBR - Numbers


I ended up catching with my readings by listening to Numbers through a podcast.  It was boring and I'm pretty sure I fell asleep at one point.

So now that we have the laws, we can get back to the story of the Israelites and their journey to the promised land. 

Preparation for the Departure from Sinai - Chapters 1-10,10
The big part of the preparation is taking a census. Moses gets assistants from all the tribes to gather this information from their tribes. These censuses were really to find out how many men were of age/ability to serve in the military. This information was gathered from all the tribes except for the Levites.  They were omitted because God had decided this tribe would be in charge of the Dwelling.  Since they would be in charge of it, they would camp near it.  From here God then decreed where all the other tribes would encamp around the Dwelling. Since the Levites were a special tribe, there is more information about their duties and how it is all broken up by the clans.
Now that the camp was arranged, God had to clean house.  The unclean are expelled. We get rules for theft and for dealing with Adulteress (cause we hate on women).  More this is a rehashing of the laws discussed in the previous bible book.

From Sinai to the Plains of Moab - Chapters 10,11-22,1
Now that they know what role they play and have gone over the rules again, they are ready to move.  However, these people are thick headed and still haven't learned to trust in God. They start breaking rules/laws/commandments so God tells them that no one who left Egypt will be allowed in the promise land.  So everyone wanders the desert for almost 40 years until that generation dies off.

On the Plains of Moab - Chapters 22,2-36
So now that the old generation are no longer around, the new generation is faithful so they are ready to stop wandering and head to the promised land. It isn't an easy path, they face some resistance from the people already inhabiting the lands they are passing through. Because they are faithful and believe in God's power they are successful in their overcoming their struggles.

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