Monday, November 17, 2014

Writing Prompt 16

Describe a time when you were brave.

I looked up to my destination. It was a long way up to the peak, but the view was worth the climb. I know it was worth the climb because I had made the climb before, but always with help. Today I'd be doing it on my own. No one was around to help me and I wanted to see the view.

I knew I could do it, two steep jumps.  The first onto a wide landing.  Today there was some debris on the landing but there was still enough room for me to make my landing.  Ok here it goes. Jump!

I did it! I stuck my landing.  Now for the second treacherous jump. This jump is a bit more difficult without help.  I'm jumping blind since the peak is behind a curtain. This jump is always easier with help, but I know the peak is back there and I know it's worth the jump.  

The ledge I'm on has a small outcropping that makes the jump easier. I can use it to help push myself through the curtain. I ready myself for the jump, push off the outcropping, and land on the peak. I give myself a shake and find the perfect position to lay down in the sun. 

I made it!

I had wanted to write about myself, but I just couldn't think of anything to write.  It's not that I haven't been brave, but none of it spoke to my creative nature. I couldn't find an interesting way to write any of it up.  We've known for a while that Ellie's eyesight is going and the jump onto the couch and then into the window is a tough one for her.  We normally have to give her A LOT of encouragement to get her up there and even then we need to help her make the jump past the curtain. Every once in awhile she feels daring and does it all on her own. The brave little pug making the jump she knows but yet is unsure of because of her sight. As you can tell from the picture it's a favorite spot for both pugs to sun and watch the world go by. 

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