Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Daily Themes-July 3, 2015


"Well, that was one way of doing it." 

The group approached the bridge. It did not look sturdy at all, but it was either attempt to cross it or spend precious time trekking across the expanse of the cavern to the far bridge and then walking back to the passageway that was right across the way.  The opted to cross over the bridge.
Well, it was more Donna decided for the group.  She was tired, dirty and getting more annoyed the longer this mission took to complete. Hitching her back up on her back she cautiously took a step onto the bridge. It held. She took another step and another and as her confidence grew she sped up her progress.  She was moving too fast and quickly saw that her next step was out into midair. She fell.
Thankfully the fall wasn't too bad, the bridge hadn't been that high. After a brief mental check she sat up and looked back up at the group. Sitting up she thought about displaying a vulgar sign to show the guys what she thought of them as they stood there laughing. Deciding against it she took a deep breath, stood up as dignfingly as possible and brushed herself off.  She looked around and realized the other side of the cavern wasn’t that steep and should be nothing more than a steep trek up.  She made it up and looked across at the group.
“Well aren’t you coming?”

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